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Floeck's Country Ostrich Ranch is located in New Mexico USA and we have NO FOREIGN AFFILIATES.

The Ostrich, a native of Africa, was first imported into the United States in the 1880’s. The Ostrich is the largest bird in existence, growing to a height of 7 – 9’ tall and weighing up to 450 pounds. Although the eggs are very large, they are actually the smallest egg in relation to the size of bird. The Ostrich egg shell is very hard, and usually has a very high gloss finish that will vary in texture.

The average Ostrich egg will measure between 16 -17½” in circumference measured lengthwise, but we have a few hens that lay smaller or larger eggs.

The Emu is a native of Australia, and is the worlds second largest bird, standing 5 – 6’ tall and weighing an average of 150 pounds. The Emu has a shaggy appearance that is produced by double feathers. It could be mistaken for a weed or wild grass in the wild.

The Emu egg shell is unique, in that it has three layers of color – white, blue green and dark green, which lends itself well to etching. The average Emu egg is 13 – 14” in circumference measured lengthwise and 11 – 11½” in circumference at it’s girth.

The Rhea is a native of South America and is known as the American Ostrich. The Rhea stands 4 – 5’ tall at it’s head and will average 80 – 100 pounds. The Rhea lays a cream colored egg with a smooth texture. The Rhea egg will average 13 – 14” in circumference measured lengthwise and 11 – 11½” in circumference around it’s girth.

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