Ostrich Eggs and Chicks

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Ostrich Eggs are gathered daily, washed, sanitized and held at a constant temperature until time of shipment or pickup. We recommend that the ostrich eggs be held no longer than 10 days for maximum hatchability. It is equally important that the eggs be handled as little as possible, kept clean and placed in a sterile environment for hatching.

The incubator should be able to maintain a constant temperature of 97.5 degrees, with a rotation assembly and good air circulation.

Ostrich Hatching eggs can be shipped by Priority Mail or Express Mail when the temperatures are moderate.

Shipping charges are extra and the responsibility of the buyer.

The Ostrich Chick Hatching Season has ended for 2023.  No Ostrich Chicks available in 2024 but we do sell the ostrich eggs for hatching. 

With 40+ years of hands on experience in incubation, hatching and raising ratite chicks, Lesa has the knowledge to help you succeed with your quest to raise chicks.

We recommend that you place your chick orders well in advance so orders can be filled in a timely manner.

Condition of sale - 1/2 of total cost at time order is placed, remainder due when chicks are picked up.

Transportation and cost is the responsibility of the buyer.  Ostrich chicks cannot be legally shipped Express Mail through the Post Office but Special Delivery can be Arranged.

  • Day old ostrich chicks--please call or email me for more information.
  • 1 week old ostrich chicks not available
  • 2 week old ostrich chicks not available

Please Note--Ostrich are wild birds and need to be respected for their large size as adults and need an area to run.  They are not pets and should never be put in a smaller area among other birds or animals.  The large adult males can be very dangerous when protecting their eggs and hens.

Please do read all you can on raising the ostrich as this is not an easy task.  Quality dependable incubation equipment with professional dedication is required to be successful in hatching and raising the ostrich chicks.  And very strong fencing and shelter must be provided for the older chicks and adults for their safety and yours. 

The ostrich are awesome beautiful birds but raising them successfully requires a real commitment.  Our ostrich live happily in our nice facilities and have quality feed and shelters with good egg production.  We love our ostrich and they are a fun part of our beautiful farm here in sunny New Mexico USA.  I have raised these birds for 40+ years and would be happy to answer any questions.  

For more information, contact Lesa Floeck in New Mexico USA at LFLOECK@PLATEAUTEL.NET.

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