Ranch Tours

Please Note!  Tours will be discontinued until further notice.  We are in the process of making progressive changes here on the ostrich farm and will not schedule any tours until all is completed.   Thanks for understanding. 

Tours must be scheduled in advance and by appointment only~please.  We are a working farm with a very busy schedule.  Thanks!

Floeck's conducts tours of the ranch for individuals as well as large groups. The tour consists of two parts. The first part is a short history about the birds, their by-products - eggs, leather, meat etc.

The second part is a walking tour of the ranch property, where you are able to view the birds up close and learn more about their habits and personalities.

The entire tour takes approximately 90 minutes and people are encouraged to bring their cameras.


  • Individuals
  • Children under 12
  • Large groups - call or email for price information

Tours available by reservation. We are a working ranch and need to arrange our schedules for tours.
Please contact lfloeck@plateautel.net for more information.

The showcase has a variety of items relating to the birds. The hide, eggs, meat, feathers, and oil are used in the commercial aspect of the Ratite industry.

The tour of the ranch provides an overall view of the facility and introduces you to the care and handling of the birds.

This tour is not just for kids!

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