Ostrich Egg for Spider Control

Ostrich Egg for Spider Control
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Price: $30.00
Weight: 5.00 lbs
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Min/Max Order: 1 / 12
Whole Ostrich Eggs

Full Ostrich Eggs to be used for Spider Control in enclosed areas.  Each whole ostrich egg should be hung from the ceiling in a netting to allow air circulation around the entire egg.  Or the ostrich egg can be set on a secure base such as a candy dish or candle holder etc. but again air should circulate around the egg.  The full ostrich egg will repel spiders by substance emittance through the eggshell pores so NO holes should be made in the egg before hanging or displaying. Empty ostrich eggshells or broken ostrich eggshell pieces do not work well.

These heavy ostrich eggs are varying sizes ranging from small to large and double-boxed for shipping Priority Mail.  Please call or email LFLOECK@PLATEAUTEL.NET for any questions or larger orders.


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