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Tanned Ostrich Hides
Ostrich Leggins


Ostrich leather is an elegant leather that is as versatile as it is durable.

Ostrich leather is most recognized by it’s “bumpy” appearance  that is produced by the feather quills.  Although the textured area of the hide is considered to have the highest value, the smooth belly portion of the hide produces a nice supple product.

 The average size of an ostrich hide will measure 14 – 16 square feet and cost approximately $35.00 per square foot, tanned and dyed.  The hides can be dyed in a large range of colors, with black, off – white, and shades of brown being the most popular.  With  a little imagination and creativity, Ostrich leather can add interest and style to clothing, home furnishings, automobiles, motorcycles and equestrian accessories.

Tanned Tarsal leg skins are $30.00 each.  Please call or email for availability and color.

Also Available:

We have a large selection of raw ostrich hides that are untanned and ready to be sent to the tannery.

We have custom-made ostrich golf bags.

Please Call 575-461-1657 or email lfloeck@plateautel.net for pricing and availability!


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Ostrich Leather Golf Bag for Sale
Ostrich Leather Golf Bag for Sale
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